Katie & Trenton’s Amsterdam Culture Safari

See how you stack up against other visitors with our custom-made treasure hunt.


 Points Objective Type
1 Photo with Multituli See
1 Find an “inside dog” See
1 Shake hands with Nightwatchmen at Rembrantplein See
1 Climb inside or on top of letter in IAMSTERDAM letters See
1 Find a “street cat” See
1 Find the narrowest house in Amsterdam (Singel 7) See
2 Find an angry swan in the Rijksmuseum See
1 Find a street mural See
1 Find tulips See
1 Find a “cafe cat” See
1 Visit Vondelpark See
1 Find heron or swan See
1 Find a windmill See
1 Visit the Nesciobrug See
1 Find a sheep See
10 See canal parade (King’s Day, Gay Pride, Sinterklaas) See
1 Find Amsterdam flag See
1 Find pirate ship See
1 Visit Seven Bridges See
1 Visit the Magere Brug See
1 Eat something out of the wall at FEBO Eat
1 Drink jenever Eat
1 Eat Belgian-style frites Eat
1 Eat fresh stroopwafel Eat
2 Eat “street herring” Eat
1 Eat bitterballen Eat
1 Buy a joint or edible Eat
1 Taste a local beer Eat
1 Taste drop Eat
1 Taste hagelslag Eat
1 Taste appeltaart Eat
1 Taste verse munt thee Eat
1 Taste verse sinaasappelsap Eat
1 Taste tompouce Eat
1 Try a kapsalon Eat
1 Try an Indonesian rijsttafel Eat
1 Find currency other than USD or EUR Do
1 Buy something for €5 or less at an outdoor market Do
1 Ride a bicycle Do
2 Ride as or carry a passenger on a bicycle Do
1 Visit a coffeeshop Do
3 Travel canal by boat Do
1 Visit Red Light District Do
2 Go to the beach Do
1 Visit a dijk Do
1 Be rained upon Do
2 Be hailed upon Do
1 Wear orange Do
3 Ask a Dutchman to explain “gezellig” Do
1 Visit bloemenmarkt Do
1 Visit an outdoor terrace Do
2 See a film in the grotezaal at Tuchinski cimena Do
1 Visit Homomonument Do
1 Visit SkyLounge Do
2 Ride ferry to Amsterdam-Noord Do
5 Get on board a house boat Do
1 Visit de Bijenkorf Do
1 Visit the Centraal public library Do
3 Attend a concert Do
1 Attend a voetbal match Do
25 Visit a prostitute Do
2 Order a drink in Dutch Do